Overseed documentation

Find guides, schema references, and examples on using the Overseed service.

What is Overseed?

A Data Testing Tool to help you build realistic demos, validate big data algorithms, and test services.

Generate data without maintaining scripts, managing spreadsheets, or launching infrastructure.

Data Design

Build schemas that define your data's attributes and behavior.

Data Language
Data Design
Data Generation

Convert your schemas into data streams, webhooks, and files.

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Standard Design Language

Design, Discuss and Discover the attributes and edge-cases upfront as a Team.

Use standard components that generate a particular data behavior: such as an incrementing ID.

Separation of Design and Generation

Focus on the shape and behavior of your data during the design process.

Convert designs into Streams, Files, Table(s), and Webhooks without changing the design.

Low Code & Infrastructure

Focus on your application, not the data generation tooling.

Let us handle the scaling, streaming, and storage.


Mock Hardware Devices

No need to give every developer access to hardware.

Capture the edge-cases you need to cover.

Validate Big Data Functions

Ensure your analytical functions capture the patterns you expect.

Connect datasets to your CI/CD pipeline.

Integration & Load Testing

Test your systems, services, and applications with data that has built-in patterns.